This is more than just

 a dance class - it's a party

Join us for disco lights, sequins, drinks and plenty of laughs

In each online disco dance class/party you'll learn a simple routine to a disco classic.

We kick off with some conversation and everyone sharing their highlight of the week.

Then you'll learn a handful of simple moves from which we create a routine, building up to a final 'performance'.

After we finish I'll leave the zoom open if you'd like to keep the conversation and party going.

I can also record the class/party to edit into a video as a memory of the event.

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Permanent Cosmetics Primary Training

MicroBlading Course Overview & Pricing

Clients can’t get enough of microblading. The demand for this technique has boomed in recent years, in turn creating a demand for highly qualified microblading technicians. In this comprehensive two-day, hands-on training course, Beauty EverLasting will assist you in gaining the knowledge and skills to master this procedure, with the potential to attract significant new revenue to your business. Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate in Microblading: Theory & Practice Labs. IMPORTANT NOTE: Completion of Permanent Cosmetics Primary Training is a prerequisite for this course. Tuition: $2,495
(A Deposit is required to reserve your spot & is non-refundable.) REGISTER HERE

Student Benefits

  • Personalized training that will ensure a successful learning experience.
  • Live models to obtain the necessary hands-on experience for mastering microblading strokes.
  • Detailed course theory to develop an understanding of the what and how to perform this procedure.
  • One-of-kind artistic concepts for drawing the perfect eyebrows.
  • Continued support via phone and email. Students are also welcome to observe procedures at Beauty EverLasting during the year after training at no additional charge.

Business Advantages

  • New Service – Add to your existing services portfolio
  • New Revenue Stream – Average $500-$800 (or more) per procedure
  • Repeat Business – Touchups required every 60 months to a year
  • Happy Clients – Clients will be turning heads because of you

Course Cirriculum


  • What Is Microblading?
  • History of Microblading
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Pressure (Finding the Sweet Spot)
  • Client Pre-Procedure & Aftercare
  • The Golden Ratio & Proper Measuring
  • Needle Types and Styles
  • How to Erase Mistakes
  • Drawing the perfect eyebrow using the golden ratio
  • Learning how to identify different hair growth patterns and how to draw them
  • How to use and properly assemble hand tools
Live Demo
Live demonstration of a procedure & hands-on experience provided.

MicroBlading Training Kit

Microblading training kit includes:

  • Microblading kit case
  • Microblading manual
  • Golden proportions tool
  • Practice pigment
  • Mannequin head
  • Practice skins
  • Pigment rings
  • Tweezer kit
  • 2 pre-drawing eyebrow pencils
  • 10 pencil razors
  • 10 microblading hand pieces
  • 10 loose disposable needles
  • 10 disposable brow measuring
  • Headlamp